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Photographs taken at an angle are called oblique photographs. If they are taken from a low angle earth surface–aircraft, they are called low oblique and photographs taken from a high angle are called high or steep oblique

Photographic image taken from an aircraft or similar high-level elevated platform where the camera direction is at an angle to the ground beneath. Such photographs do not need special equipment, and using carefully chosen views and good lighting can provide a good impression of a complicated set of remains. However, oblique aerial photographs distort perspective and cannot easily be used for plotting and mapping visible features without rectification. See also vertical aerial photograph.

Angles that are not right angles or a multiple of a right angle are called oblique angles.

Most clients request Oblique views of their property. This may be a high level wide angle shot, showing the property in relation to the surrounding area, or a low level close-up shot, showing off an individual building to advantage. What does an oblique look like? Visit our oblique gallery to find out!

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