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Professional Graphics

Flying Fotos can add professional graphics to all of your photos. If you do not have enough work to justify hiring a full time graphics person but still need professional results for your marketing materials, outsource the work to us! As with all of our products and services, your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

labeling points of interest

Using the latest digital techniques, we can help you present your aerial images in the clearest possible way. The addition of highway signs, interstate logos, boundary outlines, road names, property outlines, building names, and directional arrows provides context and focus for your aerial view. In meetings and presentations, your audience will quickly grasp where the subject property is located in relation to nearby landmarks, routes and other amenities.  This helps people get oriented with the aerial view because sometimes people can get confused from an oblique aerial perspective.  It's very helpful to add a compass rose so the person looking at the aerial can determine from what angle the oblique photograph was taken.

digital enhancements

We will make digital enhancements to your aerial photos.  We enhance the colors, remove undesired elements from view, and sharpen all of your photos with the industry's latest photo editing software. We can also retouch and/or repair your photos to get the exact image you are looking for. Do you want more cars in the park lot?  We can add cars.  Do you want to cover the Georgia red clay with grass?  We can add grass and trees to your aerial photograph.

brochures and marketing packets

For brochures and marketing packets, aerial photographs combined with digital graphics provide impact and focus, making it clear where the point of interest lies. Our experienced graphic designers can help you create your next project.  For more information on our custom graphics design services, call 770-449-6771 or email jcrosby@flyingfotos.com today!

To view examples of or custom graphics design work please visit our custom graphics gallery.





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